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A round pink figure squats in a bright yellow Toy tonka truckA large pink canvas. In the upper right is a rectangle showing the shoulders and head of a man in a suit and cowboy hat. Around him are organically shaped red blobs, a purple wavy shape below, and two darker pink rectangles with rows of adhered gems like text.Three ranchu goldfish are swimming against a painterly background. There are three blue squiggly lines around them.Two clip on studio lamps with round shades are clipped ontl a wire grid. They reflect each other on their metal hoods
A blocky city on the bottom half of the piece is blue, green, and purple. Terrorizing the city is a squatted figure with a flower head. The flower head resembles a lotus or succulent, with many overlapping layers in pastel colors- pink, cyan, yellow-green. 

The background is peachy-orange and there are the oulines of clouds in the sky.A wet ranchu goldfish is being held snuggly in the palm of a hand
A Pokemon Slowpoke plush with three Tamagotchi toya laying around itA string on electric paper lantern lights strung on a pink backgroundA colorful paper lantern is against a purple and pink wall. A small white outline of a spaceship is on it's way to land on the sphere